The Reactionaries

George Hurley's Shed on 17th St
San Pedro, CA - January 1979

1. 1979 MP3 2. The Big Lie MP3
3. Cheap False Teeth MP3
4. Video Madonna MP3 5. My Heroes MP3
6. Getting Existential On The Beach MP3
7. Innuendo MP3 8. God And Country MP3
9. Brigate Rosse MP3

the reactionaries in 1978

(from left to right)
martin tamburovich - lead singing
mike watt - bass+spiel
george hurley - drums
d. boon - guitar

all songs written by Mike Watt
except 'My Heroes' (Watt/Tamburovich)
and 'Getting Existential On The Beach' (Watt/Jon Jure)

'Tony Gets Wasted In Pedro' which appeared on the
MINUTEMEN album, The Politics of Time, is
from this same session.

all MP3's are encoded at 192 kb/s.
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many thanx go to watt for the source!

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by writing